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Our experienced team consults you personally on all financial and tax questions, in private as well as in business affairs. Our trust services can be flexibly booked and are exactly targeted towards your needs. The focus of our activity lies on accounting, including payroll accounting, personnel management, tax declarations and tax consultancy, in particular VAT statements & consulting, company foundation, business administration, the provision of office rooms and the administration of domicile addresses. So we cover the requirements of private persons and small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) completely at a high quality level.

With our profession, we discharge you in an important function so that you can concentrate on your business at 100% and can thus save time and money.

Service offer


Whether you are a start-up, an SME or a complicated holding organization: we do your accounting quickly, reliably and very carefully. Therefore, you can gain a detailed insight into the current state of your finances anytime obtaining essential information for the management of your business. And due to our comprehensive insight into your business activities, we can consult you in an optimal way on risks and opportunities. We also readily support you in the preparation of business and budget plans to provide the right momentum to your new business ideas.

Personnel management and payroll accounting

Personnel management, in particular payroll accounting, becomes ever more complicated due to the permanent change of the regulations. The authorities demand a lawful payroll accounting, and the personnel have a right to punctual salary payout. If you don’t have enough time for that, we can help you. We offer a comprehensive service portfolio in personnel and administrative tasks, e.g.:

  • Preparation of an employment contract
  • Work permits for foreigners and cross-border commuters
  • Consulting and conclusion of insurance policies by our insurance broker partners.
  • Monthly payroll accounts
  • Salary statements
  • Annual insurance and tax statements
  • Vacation accounting
  • And much more

VAT statements and consulting

Whether quarterly or semi-annually, besides the accounting, we can also handle your VAT statements. Moreover, we readily consult you with regard to the selection of the VAT statements system when founding your SME or in course of your business activity, in particular in case of questions on imports and exports.

Tax declarations and tax consultancy for private persons and companies

We do not only complete your forms for the tax declaritions, but also consult you individually, in particular on the issues of tax planning, tax optimization and succession. The purchase or sale of real estate can also result in different tax consequences which should preferably be taken into account in advance. We are there for you to permit you a clear insight into your tax obligations any time.

Company foundation

You are planning a start-up? We readily support you in the foundation of your own company or a subsidiary of a company located abroad. The foundation itself is an extremely important procedure for which essential decisions must be taken in advance. After all, many administrative and legal questions arise at the beginning of a new business idea which we can readily answer. We are ready to accompany you on this path and to contribute our specialist know-how so that you will have a good start with your new company. Next to the pure consulting service, we offer the complete organization around the foundation, like e.g. founding act, founding statutes, entry into the trade register, bank connections, insurances and much more.

Business administration, office rooms and domicile address

Full service for your company: we can readily assume the whole administration of your company. Even if you do not have your own headquarters and office rooms, we are there for you. We are happy to offer you the following services

  • Virtual office address
  • Own office rooms
  • Forwarding of postal mail
  • Business administration and board of management
  • Payment transactions
  • Issuing of invoices
  • Secretariat
  • And many more

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